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If you wish to organize a meeting, a conference or a similar type of event in Sønderborg make use of our local knowledge and know how. 
We guide you during the process of attracting and we manage practicalities during planning, execution and evaluation of your event. 

We have a professional conference system, which offer the conferees a professional set up. Our system can handle all the practical tasks, such as invitations, registration, subregistration, program preparation, accommodation reservations etc.

During the conference we offer secretarial support regarding registration and all the practicalities, thus despite hosting you will be present for the attendees and be able to gain optimal yield of the event yourself. With our supporting app attendees are always updated on latest news and no important information is lost. Simultaneously the app increases the participant involvement with functions such as polls or Q&A, which can be integrated in the event. 
We are sure, that our local knowledge and know how will assist you in creating an interesting and well organized conference and contribute to a successful event.
Reach out to us today for a preliminary and noncommittal talk about your specific event or the opportunities for cooperation.  

We have established strong and long-term business relationships with key local partners. We can select locations/suppliers recognised for their high quality of services delivery, but to also guarantee exclusive arrangements.

Below, we have listed the services that we offer:


  • Presentations
  • Bidding material 
  • Site inspections 
  • Risk assessment
  • Strategic advice 



  • Budget and financial management 
  • Projekt Management 
  • Venue Selection
  • Hotel Procurement & Contract Negotiation
  • Supplier Procurement & Contract Negotiation
  • Professional event software with registration system
  • Handling of hotel reservations
  • Web-based communication
  • Administration of event website and APP
  • Sponsorship & Fundraising Management
  • Exhibition: Sales & on-site Management
  • Marketing, communication and PR 
  • Pre & Post Tours, Excursions, Social Event Management, Opening Ceremony


  • On-site Management
  • On-site Office
  • On-site accreditation services
  • Registration Management
  • Delegate Attendance Management
  • Goodie bags 
  • External Personnel 
  • Speakers Management
  • Streaming Services 
  • Transportation and Logistics Management
  • Pre & Post Tours, Excursions, Social Event Management
  • Reception 
  • VIP Service
  • Quality Control



  • Evaluation of participants 
  • Evaluation of partners 
  • Evaluation of suppliers 
  • Clean-up 
  • Data processing of answers and presentation
  • Billing and final accounts


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