The Royal Kitchen Garden at Gråsten

Photo: Thomas Rahbek
Parks and gardens

Felstedvej 8

6300 Gråsten


The Royal Kitchen Garden at Gråsten is a cooperation between the Agency for Culture and Palaces and Sønderborg Municipality. An important part of the project is economic and social sustainability as well as local support.

The gardener’s from the Royal Palace Garden will run the kitchen garden in close cooperation with the Green Team from “Væksthuset” who also will manage the shop. “Væksthuset” is a section of the social psychiatry in the municipality of Sønderborg Kommune.

The café with sandwiches, pastry and coffee as well as the shop is open from 11 am - 4.30 pm. It is not possible to book tables as well as coffee and cake in advance at the café.

Dogs are not allowed in the kitchen garden.

A round parking we refer to the parking site, Slotsgade 26, 6300 Gråsten. Alongside the road, Felstedvej there is a set down and pick up zone for busses. The bus cannot park here, but there are bus parking at Slotsgade.


Felstedvej 8

6300 Gråsten

Opening hours

01 Sep 20 / 30 Sep 20


11:00 - 17:00

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