Velkommen til Sønderborg

Welcome to Sønderborg

Velkommen til Sønderborg

With a number of significant investments, Sønderborg City Council and local stakeholders have shaped the basis for the vision of Sønderborg becoming Denmark’s new meeting place – a place where national as well as international meetings and conferences are planned and conducted. We have done so, because Sønderborg is the place where Scandinavia and continental Europe meet and are tied together.

With our unique setting in the borderland, we build bridges between countries, cultures and people. We have a close corporation across the border, by which we are not limited. We see a community where we gather, develop and expand our horizon. With our wide variety of educations and an attractive study environment, we are setting the frame for development of future generations.

In cooperation across the border, our cultural and historical heritage forms the basis for our world-class view.

Sustainability is part of our DNA and a cornerstone in our mutual development.

The green transition sets the course for our everyday life, and we believe that sustainability is a necessity as well as good business. Therefore, we aim at becoming CO2 neutral in 2029.

On the other hand, Sønderborg offers all the big-city characteristics: Some of Denmark’s largest global industrial companies are located here. It is also here in Sønderborg where you will find as many cultural experiences and events as there are days in your calendar. But at the same time Sønderborg is also something very different - we are a big city in the middle of nature. We have forests, beaches, hills, groves and lakes. Here you will find 250 km curved coastline.

Experience the unique “Sønderjysk” quietness and at the same time lots of life.

We are ready to welcome you – come and see what we can offer.


Kind regards

Erik Lauritzen