Sønderborg Racing Center

Grand Prix:

 A grand prix consist of 3 heat per competitor. It starts with a thorough instruction, and everyone gets a test drive before it starts.First place gives 0 point, second place 1 point and so on. The competitors with less points drives the finals.

3 heat of 4 rounds DKK 275,- / 40 Euro
3 heat of 6 rounds DKK 375,- / 54 Euro 

Training (Minute Prices): 
7 min. DKK 100,- / 14 Euro
10 min. DKK 120,- / 17 Euro
15 min. DKK 170,- / 23 Euro
20 min. DKK 210,- / 29 Euro
30 min. DKK 290,- / 40 Euro
60 min. DKK 550,- / 75 Euro 

Leman / Formel 1 Race: 
3-5 persons per team.
The teams by them self calls their driver in and make strategies. We count rounds and give penalty points.
The winner is the team that has the most rounds and less penalty points. When driving more than 1 hour, there is a pit-stop with fuel and wheel change.
Max 9 Go-carts.
First hour DKK 750,- per Go-cart. Subsequently hours DKK 550,- per Go-cart. 

Children Birthday 1: 
DKK 199,- per child (7-13 years).
Each child get a French hotdog, a soda pop and an ice.
Each child drives 2 times 3 rounds. Its not a race, but each child drives in its own speed. All parents must sign a rule set. There is free use of bonfire, trampoline and surroundings. Eventually bring a cake or dough to twist bread.

Medals set price: DKK 100,-
Cup set price: DKK 250,-

Groups: We also greet groups that wants an excited and funny Event.That might be a birthday, Company arrangement  or something different, where our Cafeteria can offer to provide the menu.