Technical Visits


Technical visits are often a great source of inspiration for development and in Sønderborg we are thrilled to share our know-how and experiences with you. 

We assist you in planning an exciting program based upon your wishes.

We make the necessary agreements with local site visits and companies and handle all the practical issues, such as bus, catering and potential accommodation. In short, we make it easy for you and your group to visit us.

3 examples of relevant subjects

Energy Efficiency 

Sønderborg has the vision of being CO2 neutral in 2029. Since 2007 Sønderborg has undergone a comprehensive green transition, which already in 2016 lead to a local CO2 reduction of 37%, so we are well on track. The actions undertaken in fulfilling this vision are initiated by Project Zero, which is a public-private partnership targeting its efforts to citizens, companies and municipality.

Climate behaviour is for instance part of the school schedule in kindergartens and primary schools, citizens are assisted in energy renovation of their private residentials and the big manufacturing industries are advised about which actions to take towards massive energy savings. Simultaneously the production of renewable energy, such as solar, wind and biomass, is increased.

Industri 4.0
Industry 4.0

Sønderborg has a high concentration of technological manufacturing enterprises, which are widely acknowledged internationally for their focus on using Industry 4.0. The tradition of acting globally, being innovative and having a high level of competitiveness is strong and longstanding.

With Industry 4.0 the prerequisites for the next industrial revolution is present. The means is a consecutively optimization of the production methods with a large number of units produced, a high level of automation and solid processes, optimized based on LEAN-principles.

Many of the companies in the area are investing heavily in digitalization, thus building up new knowledge within this field.This makes Sønderborg the epicentre for developing a Danish manufacturing industry, where high quality products are produced and sold worldwide. Visit some of the world’s leading manufacturing enterprises and witness Industry 4.0, LEAN-principles and quality management carried out in practice.


Southern Jutland is an interesting study of peaceful coexistence among several populations. Border demarcation and national affiliation is a topic of current interest worldwide. Southern Jutland/Southern Schleswig is a highly relevant case study, especially nowadays 100 years after the reunification in 1920.

We arrange visits to the two minorities and paint a picture of how majority and minorities can co-exist peacefully.